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Record Sales and Change at the Top

Once again, Europlast was able to conclude a successful business year. In 2022, the company achieved sales of € 48 million and currently employs 145 people at the Dellach site and 5 in Oradea, Romania. Towards the end of the year, the company was able to secure capacity utilisation until the end of February 2023 by winning a major contract for recyclable material collection containers. Once again, the company won the public tender for the supply of recyclable waste collection containers for the City of Vienna. In Romania, the company is one of the market leaders in the field of container suppliers. Despite uncertainties on the procurement markets, Europlast always remained capable of delivering and was able to secure the energy supply for the next few years in a cost-effective manner by taking action in advance. Since 2017, Dr Arthur Primus (50), who was born in Möllbrückn, kept developping the company as Managing Director on behalf of the Italian 100% owner, JCO Plastic Spa. Despite difficult conditions caused by the pandemic or the Ukraine war, numerous successes could be achieved. In addition to the Austrian Leading Companies 2021 award and the award for the greenest factory in Austria 2022, the company was certified as a family business by the Federal Ministry. At the end of March, Primus will leave the company at his own request to take up a position as COO in the management team at WILD Holding. “The journey with the Europlast team has been an exciting and in the end very successful one. Now it is time for me to take on an even bigger task, which I realised on my 50th birthday,” says Primus. WILD (contract manufacturer for optomechatronic systems with 500 employees at 4 locations) is known as a pearl in the Austrian corporate landscape with great owners (LIAG of the Liaunig family and the Dieter Feger Private Foundation) who foster and demand growth. In addition to the 2 Carinthian locations in Wernberg and Völkermarkt, the holding company also has locations in Trnava (Slovakia) and Vienna. Company Founder and long-term Managing Director Helmuth Kubin (72) will take over the management of Europlast until a successor has been found. “We are sorry to hear of Arthur Primus’ decision, but thank him for a successful cooperation in both personal and professional terms.




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€ 160,000 alternative energy subsidy for photovoltaic systems

At Europlast, circular economy and sustainability are key issues, which is why four photovoltaic systems have been used on the production halls for just over six months. With the help of the solar power generated in this way, more than 200 tonnes of CO2 have been saved so far. In return, Europlast received an alternative energy subsidy in the amount of € 160,000. The grant was presented by Provincial Governor Peter Kaiser, who was there on behalf of Energy and Climate Protection Provincial Councillor Sara Schaar. CEO Helmuth Kubin is planning a photovoltaic system on the east façade of the new production hall as the next step to continue on the path towards climate-friendly heat generation.

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September 2022

"Austria's greenest factory comes from the Drautal"

On September 22, the award for the best factories in Austria was presented by the renowned Fraunhofer Institut and WEKA Industriemedien took place in Gmünd (Lower Austria). At the start: EUROPLAST Kunstoffbehälterindustrie Gmbh represented by Production Manager Gerhard Schwarzenbacher, Maintenance Manager Michael Pirker and Managing Director Arthur Primus.

Amidst great jubilation, the company received the award in the category "Green Factory" and thus the confirmation for the strategic way to act "in harmony with nature". Since 2019, Europlast has already been producing without a CO2 footprint, together with the high use of recycled materials, they save 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. "I would like to thank every single employee for this achievement - our team approach is impressive" says GF Arthur PRIMUS.

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March 2022

Europlast wins the award for the best Carinthian company in 2021!

Thanks to all who made this outstanding achievement possible.

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"Article Die Presse - Sustainability important for Europlast"

November 2021

"Full speed ahead through the crisis!"

Thanks to our experienced employees and the great commitment of the entire team, we are pleased to report a record year in 2021. We are now intensively focusing on future technologies.

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"Article Kleine Zeitung - At full throttle through the crisis"""

Januar 2021

„EUROPLAST certified as family friendly company“ 

work&live in a holiday region this is how one could describe the living environment in Upper Carinthia. Europlast, as an important employer in the region, works continuously to be conducive to this motto and to remain attractive as an employer.

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October 2019

Oberkärntner lead company „Europlast“ expands by 8000 m2 storage space right next to B100

The Drautal plastics specialist Europlast is investing around 1 million euros in the expansion of its local plant this year and currently has a peak number of employees..

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May 2019

Oberkärntner leading companies make you want to do apprenticeships in their home country

From the product idea to the implementation: Since June 2018, students of the NMS Dellach in the Drautal have been experiencing first-hand what it means to generate, realize and experience what local companies have in them.

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December 2017

Europlast is aiming for growth again in 2018.

The plastics specialist located in Drautal (Carinthia) is planning growth again in 2018 after two successive years of decline in sales. "Creating the right conditions in this way …

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September 2017

Change in management and company anniversary at Europlast.

After more than 20 years of successful management and development work, long-time managing director and co-founder of the company Europlast Kunststoffbehälterindustrie GmbH, Helmuth Kubin, is moving to the newly composed Economic Advisory Board of the corporate group. ...

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