Education, sports, art and culture

EUROPLAST assumes its responsibility towards all stakeholder groups. From a stable employer to supporting education, sports, art and culture; EUROPLAST is a popular and important partner in the region.

Sense of responsibility

Europlast follows a clear set of values. A central value is accepting responsibility. Supporting digital learning for low-income families is therefore an important action that we can take. NMS Lurnfeld and NMS Dellach have served as fantastic training centres for our managers and staff. Now, we see it is as our responsibility to repay this favour.

A sound recording as a culture bearer

In 2019, the mixed choir New Voices from Dellach im Drautal will celebrate its 25th anniversary. To mark this occasion, a CD has been recorded with a cross section of the repertoire. In addition to traditional songs from Carinthia and sacred pieces, the 35+ members of the choir from Dellach and surrounding districts also sing rhythmic and modern melodies. It is hoped that the CD will represent a good mix of all of these. EUROPLAST is supporting the choir with the implementation of the project and with it, the local life of the association.

70 years SV ASKÖ Raika Dellach

As part of a great deal of football fun, a big, 3-day anniversary celebration was organised in mid-July with an outstanding framework programme that was energetically supported by EUROPLAST. SV ASKÖ RAIKA DELLACH looks back on a successful anniversary year. It was able to avoid relegation and there were many successes by young talent and wonderful tournaments.

National Arm Wrestling Championships in Dellach/Drau

EUROPLAST took over sponsorship of the National Arm Wrestling Championships and brought the popular event to Dellach/Drau. The arm wrestling championships took place at Gasthof Weigand Trunk at the beginning of May. The numerous spectators found the competition both exciting and very entertaining.