• Safe on the road with Europlast.

    With ADR-tested boxes, Europlast not only provides the fastest, but also the safest way to the solution.

  • Every day counts!

    The close cooperation of our teams enables short delivery times in a challenging environment, where flexibility and punctuality are extremely important. Shorts routes and quick reaction are the unique customer benefits that EUROPLAST offers.

  • Inspiring experience

    With more than 20 years of experience in a variety of applications, EUROPLAST offers a broad range of expertise and specialist knowledge in material technology, production technology and application engineering. 

  • CO2 neutral. In unison with nature.

    EUROPLAST is regarded as a pioneer when it comes to the development of new, resource saving production methods. The environmentally friendly development and production has established innovations such as the thin-walled container in the plastics processing industry. For the protection of the environment and the benefit of our customers, we use our own recycling facility and operate a CO2 neutral, ISO 50001 certified production on site.

With heart and vision

Europlast wins the Primus Award 2023 in the INTERNATIONAL category

1st place

1st place at Austrian Leading Companies in the INTERNATIONAL category


The Energy Forum Carinthia Re-certifies Europlast as a "sustainable company"

Three friends - one common goal

The noble crayfish breeders in Guttaring, Carinthia

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Europlast was successfully Certified

Together we are strong.
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EUROPLAST Supports ARGE Sozial Villach.


Speed and flexibility that are unique in the industry. A highly experienced team, short distances and response times and maximum precision. That’s how EUROPLAST creates decisive advantages for customers. The pioneer in the development of new, eco-friendly production processes has established itself 

on the international market thanks to its problem-solving expertise and ground-breaking products such as the thin-wall container. EUROPLAST combines robust durability with lightweight design, thus creating new applications for transport and storage.


    "In the age of Industry 4.0, unfailing reliability is more valuable than ever - customer, supplier or employee – we strive to focus on the human element"

    Arthur Primus

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What we do best

Providing the perfect solution for our customers, that is the driving force for high performance on a daily basis. Flexibility, professionalism and partnership are the basis for joint success. Customer-orientation and ecological MANAGEMENT are our motivation in innovation and increasing our performance.