Contract manufacturing & development

Plastic offers many advantages as a material. Long service life, high stability for a low net weight and also recyclability. EUROPLAST disposes of injection moulding machines, which enable the production of plastic parts in above-average dimensions with a closing force of up to 4,500 tons. Through our partner network, our experts develop and produce the necessary tools for our customers and advise them in choosing the suitable plastic for the concerned application. Ultimately, the cost-optimised production in our facilities provides you with products tailored to your needs.


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The high level of investment required for large injection moulding machines poses a great challenge for many companies. We can help overcome this initial hurdle. We make our production-technical expertise and our facilities available to you for the production of your components and products with your tools. Benefit from our supply chain and the purchase conditions for plastics it brings. We optimise the production of your parts by continuously improving the cycle times, and, in coordination with you, we set up a warehouse for your finished products at our site for optimal care.  


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Our speed and flexibility, unique in the industry, help you gain the decisive edge. A perfectly coordinated team, short paths and fast response times, as well as maximum precision in development and execution ensure that the manufacture of your products is optimised in terms of cost and time. We are your reliable partner when it comes to the implementation of your unique ideas, from the design and construction phase, material selection, production of the initial prototypes right up to the complete product and manufacturing concept.

We offer you comprehensive Support during production and development

  • Comprehensive specialist knowledge – thanks to more than 20 years of experience from different application areas.

  • High-performance resources, ultra-modern machinery.

  • Unique rapidity, sophisticated logistics – a perfectly harmonised team, short communication paths and reaction times, and maximum precision.
  • Support from the product idea right up to production – Predictive planning even in the concept phase.

  • Prototyping – Rapid and economic production of concept models, design and function prototypes.

  • Individual solutions – thanks to the most comprehensive material, product and specialist know-how as well as cross-sector experience.

Deformation analyses

Module assembly

FEM analyses

Technical Details

Fields of Expertise
  • Injection moulding parts from 3 gm 
  • up to 54 kg (108 kg)
  • 2K components up to 18 kg
  • Sandwich injection moulding 
  • Co-injection 
  • Specialist for polyolefin processing
  • Patent research 
  • Product development 
  • Machine tool procurement and construction
  • Component building and optimisation
  • Finite elements & mould flow simulation
  • Prototype creation
  • Anti-micro-bacterial materials
  • Metal detectability  
Technical Equipment
  • 11 injection moulding machines from 200 tonnes up to 4,500 tonnes clamping force
  • 2K injection moulding machine up to 2,700 tonnes clamping force
  • Melt labelling multi-colour printing
  • Hot-embossing machines
  • Articulated robot
  • Recycling plant
  • Assembly lines
  • Heat recovery
  • Subsidiary companies in several European countries