Innovation through collaboration – in-mould labelling for the city of VIENNA

Quality and innovation are extremely important to our national capital Vienna. This will now also be expressed through the currently most attractive and durable way of labelling containers. For this purpose, the IML (on-mould labelling) method for attaching coated films to plastic containers (two-wheel as well as four-wheel) was used within the scope of a collaborative project with the city of Vienna.

?During the injection moulding process, particularly the size and position of the films are major challenges. When applied in this way, this kind of label is basically not removable and scratch-resistant. Over the container lifespan, this leads to cost savings as the laborious collection of containers with peeling adhesive labels is no longer necessary, a real innovation that was realised together with the MA 48 team. The MA 48 team also nudged the development of a wheelchair-friendly hand lever opening for our four-wheel container lids (link to user experience report) – all of these contributions are aimed at ensuring that Vienna continues to remain one of Europe's most livable cities.

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