The new digitisable standard of waste separation and collection in urban environments

Simplest bins have been the rule when it came to collecting waste in public places in towns or municipalities, on company sites or in schoolyards. Since such solutions hardly ever aimed at collecting sorted waste, they contained tins, glass or paper in the same bin. Europlast’s new 50 L bin opens up a wealth of possibilities, particularly if multiple bins are combined to make up a micro station (see photo xx) for collecting waste in containers mounted on poles, walls or lamp posts. The municipality of Dellach in Austrian Drautal was immediately ready to make use of the obvious benefits of this innovative solution. Their 50 L bins were equipped with extra level sensors supplied by SLOC. Thus, the person responsible for emptying just has to check their mobile to know how full a bin is. Apart from saving time, this approach also prevents bins from overflowing all the time. Mayor Pirker and his team are extremely satisfied with the new solution. “The bin system reveals the benefits of digitisation in that this fantastic innovation allows us to drive the collection of sorted waste – and its production is carbon neutral at that!”

> Municipality of Dellach

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